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General Counsel Business School B.V. / General Counsel Executive Program values your trust and respects your privacy. This page explains how we use cookies on this website and how we use certain data.

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer when you visit a website. Information is stored in this file. The website can then read this information in order to improve the user experience on the website.

It is safe to use cookies. Personal information such as an email address or telephone number cannot be obtained from a cookie, guaranteeing your privacy.

2. Why does use cookies?

General Counsel Business School / General Counsel Executive Program website,, uses cookies for various purposes. These purposes and applications are described below. General Counsel Business School / General Counsel Executive Program uses first-party and third-party cookies, which means that cookies from as well as cookies from third parties can be placed on your computer. Please find an overview of the cookies that are used below, as well as the intended application and validity.

3. Which cookies does use?

Here is an overview of the cookies that can be placed on your computer. Functional, performance and statistical cookies are always used, regardless of whether or not you have chosen to accept cookies. These cookies do not require permission to be placed on your computer.

3.1 Functionality and performance
Some cookies make sure General Counsel Business School / General Counsel Executive Program website functions properly. These cookies ensure that the basic settings of the website are correct and that you can use the website optimally during your visit. For example, these cookies ensure that you get the mobile version of the website when you access it using a mobile phone and that certain preferences can be saved. The website may not function properly without these cookies.

3.2 Statistics
To provide users with information in the best possible way, it is valuable to know what information is important to them. That is why we also use cookies that collect statistical information about the website. We can use them to measure how many visitors come to the website and how they use the website. This information helps us understand how we can keep improving the website, for example, its structure, navigation, and content. The statistics we collect are anonymous and cannot be traced to individuals.

3.3 Advertising
General Counsel Business School / General Counsel Executive Program places advertisements on various other websites, for example for the programs we offer and the events we organize. To measure the effectiveness of these advertisements, we place cookies that measure matters such as whether you request a brochure, register for a program or sign up for an event.

We also use remarketing and retargeting. This technology makes it possible to use the visitor’s interests on the website to present advertising related to these interests on partners’ websites. This form of advertising is completely anonymized: no privacy-related data is saved.

3.4 Social media
Our website places cookies from various social media channels to enable you to share information from it on social media. This way, these networks recognize you when you want to share information. The data that social media channels collect and use can be different for each channel. For more information, please consult the declarations these parties have drawn upon this topic.

3.5 Other and contingency
In some instances, we use elements that are provided by third parties. In such cases, we cannot always control and monitor the cookies that are placed by these websites, for example when elements from external websites are loaded into our website and displayed. If you encounter cookies from such parties and would like more information about this, you can contact us or the other party directly.

Refusing cookies

If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can change this option. The settings in your browser can be changed to limit cookies or to reject them completely. You can also remove individual cookies. Please note: sometimes the website will not function properly or not function at all when you change these settings.

The way to change these settings in your browser depends on the browser you are using. You can use the following instructions on how to change your settings in commonly used browsers:

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